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Frequently asked questions

What is a Screecher®?

The Screecher®, is a carbon neutral, solar powered PMD (Personal Mobility Device). It is propelled by pedaling, electric motors, or a combination of both.

What are the key technical specifications and dimensions of the Screecher®?

• Charging: Solar power from the panel can charge the 48V lithium-ion battery in six hours*, or plug it in for four hours*. The battery will also charge through regenerative braking. • Pedal Assist: Screecher® can be powered by a combination of electric and human power. By selecting varying levels of power assist (1-5), the user can adjust how much assistance the motors provide. • Range: Screecher® riders can expect to travel about 20 miles in normal riding conditions on a single charge without pedaling. Any amount of pedaling will extend the life of your battery. Depending on a number of variables, the terrain, the amount of sunshine or your riding style, the range of The Screecher® varies. Tests have shown that reducing speed by a third can double your range. • Speed: 0-15 m.p.h. in five seconds. • Cruise Control: One touch cruise control, any braking cancels cruise control. • Utility: Large storage space. • Weight: ~Approximately 160 pounds, 73kg. • Dimensions: 34”W x 80”L x 65”H. • Tires: Pneumatic 20” front and 16” rear.

Do I have to pedal to engage the electric motors?

No, Screecher® may be used in pedal-assist mode, pedal-only mode, or operated by twist throttle.

Will Screecher® re-charge on a cloudy day?

Yes, the solar panels on a Screecher® will provide re-charging capability on cloudy days, but at a diminished rate. You may also charge the Screecher® battery by using the provided AC charger. NOTE: A converter/adapter may be required outside of North America.

Is the battery removable for recharging?

Yes, you can easily remove the battery and plug it in for charging.

Is there suspension on the Screecher®?

We have a unique central suspension under the rider’s seat that enables lateral stability while lending a soft ride.

How well does Screecher® perform on varying terrain?

Each Screecher™ motor provides 30 newton meters of torque. Powered by two rear wheel motors, and pedal power to the front wheels, the 4-wheel drive Screecher® performs well. The Screecher® has been tested on paved roads, gravel roads, beaches, and wooded trails. Capabilities can be seen in our video library.

What material is used to make the Screecher®?

Aluminum and Marine Plywood are the primary materials.

Where are the electric motors?

Each rear wheel contains an electric motor in the hub.

Is Screecher® street-legal?

PMD, (Personal Mobility Device) regulations, if any, vary world-wide from municipality to municipality.

What about accessories?

Screecher® has a USB charging outlet on the LCD display unit. There are many accessories available on the market. We encourage you to find the perfect one for you!

Is Screecher® available in my country?

SUNOX® uses UPS which enables us to ship virtually anywhere in the world. Upon confirmation of your intent to purchase a Screecher™, we will provide you with an estimate. *Estimated charging times. Charging rates will vary.

Introducing the Screecher IV Kit!


The World's first mass produced solar power vehicle.

Our newly-designed solar power-assisted pedal cycle now comes in a box.

To make our Screechers even greener, we have designed one that you can build yourself at home with minimal tools and know-how. Our kits come with everything you will need to assemble a complete Screecher.


The Screecher IV boasts enhanced stability, upgraded solar power, improved rider comfort, and now even more room for passengers and storage.


In keeping with our unique design, the Screecher comes standard with pedal assist, regenerative breaking, and solar charging capability while remaining an environmentally friendly solution to transportation.



  • 20AH 48V Lithium Ion Battery

  • 2 x 350W Motors (700W Combined)

  • 160 Watt Solar Roof Panel

  • LCD Color Display w/Odometer, Pedal Assist, Cruise Control, Speedometer, USB Port, Battery Charge Level

  • Regenerative Braking

  • Hydraulic Brakes

  • Variable Pedal Assist

Screecher IV