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Whether rooted to the ground on a farm, or on the go, the SUNOX® Kilobrick allows anyone, anywhere on earth that’s touched by the sun, to have an off-grid solar setup. Unlike Icarus, with our solar power generator for the home, we have made the sun our friend. A source of clean, renewable energy that powers homes, buildings and equipment, off-grid power generation takes a steady leap forward with the Kilobrick.


While many SUNOX® products have fairly specific uses, i.e. transportation, agriculture, and communications, the Kilobrick is an off-grid, self-sustaining power source that can revolutionize lives from Cairo to the Amazon to the American midwest. Power walls and battery systems combined with efficient housing design may provide architectural solutions to the energy needs of, literally, everyone on the planet. 


As a free thinking, hard driving, open source collective, we are eliminating factors that have heretofore precluded those who can most benefit from clean, cheap, renewable energy from the benefits of what we like to call Farming The Sun.


We are committed to bringing this groundbreaking solar energy technology to everyone, regardless of geography, socio-economic status, or anything else. It will take time, it will take all of our effort, and it will take your support to get the Kilobrick out into the world where it can and will change lives for the better.


The Kilobrick Is:

  • Cost Effective

  • Complex, Yet Simple 

  • Interchangeable

  • Accessible

Powered by clean solar renewable energy, the Kilobrick is an innovative portable solar power solution with multiple end uses.

Off The Grid Power For Your Home & On The Go

Say hello to our solar power generator for the home, an off-grid solar power system.

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