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SUNOX™ continues to refine and improve the use of high-mobility solar power gathering inventions, including our Solar Tractor.


A groundbreaking product for clean energy-fueled transportation in the fields of agriculture and industrial transport, we developed the Solar Tractor for the world to use.


From large agricultural operations in developed countries to tiny plots of land being laboriously tilled by subsistence farming around the world, SUNOX™ is dedicated to changing the way ground is tilled and crops are raised. Lower costs and highly accessible solar energy can change the entire survival equation for farmers just trying to make a living off their land.


Off grid solar systems can assist farmers in many ways, in addition to powering their Solar Tractor.


The Solar Tractor Is:

  • Tireless

  • Easy To Use 

  • Carbon Neutral

  • Affordable

There isn’t a wasted ounce of material in the design of this work horse of a vehicle, powered by solar renewable energy, our world’s most abundant resource.

Farming With The Sun: Solar Tractor & More

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