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Don’t lose that signal! Enjoy total connectivity and communications powered by solar energy and ready to use anywhere in the world.


SUNOX® is rewriting the book when it comes to Internet connectivity, creating a mobile hotspot that’s easily deployable and movable. The solar powered system makes data and information available regardless of location and/or available commercial energy sources.


Communicate digitally without using cell phone data plans. It’s inexpensive, easy to use, and does not require a license to operate. We research and develop solar power solutions to provide cost effective and reliable off-grid communications to the world. This is about more than just communications, though. It’s about the effects this can have on the economies of underserved communities the world over, as well as the global economy.


SUNOX® Off-Grid Communications Are:

  • Everywhere

  • Easy To Set Up

  • Zero Energy

  • Consumption

  • Reliable

Powered by clean solar renewable energy, SUNOX® delivers an innovative portable solar communications solution with applications across a wide range of industries.

Global Communications: Solar-Powered Network Powers Off-Grid Living

Enjoy connectivity anywhere, anytime with SUNOX®.

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