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SUNOX® researches and manufactures the most innovative, forward-thinking solar-powered technology in the world today. We find ways to Farm The Sun, which entails changing the way in which energy needs are satisfied, and exceeded, for people around the globe. 

Energy mixed with connectivity can change lives, fueling options for transport, education, communication, and more–anytime, anywhere. We have a proven track record of groundbreaking innovation powered by pioneers in satellite tracking, messaging, and navigation technology. We are concentrating our energy and effort on solar power across seemingly disconnected fields like Transportation, Agriculture, Shelter& Communication. Realizing that innovation is a result of information sharing and open-minded communication, SUNOX® is an open-source collective of free thinkers and doers looking to harness solar power in completely new ways to benefit humanity–all of it.

While we are fully committed to the game-changing use of solar power, we also believe that it’s really the collective energy of the human race that matters the most. So, we Farm The Sun. We will teach others how to do the same and provide them with unique tools to do so. We will build, nurture, teach, and disseminate, the power of our solar vision, and hope you and everyone – will become part of our solutions. Our hope is to become a part of the solution: a more productive, peaceful and egalitarian world for all with solar-powered innovations leading to real change and progress.

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